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Combustion plants

We build our systems in two variants of comparable technology. 

These are:

Transportable incinerators

Transportable incinerators can be put anywhere into operation and has an excellent combustion capacity.

With latest burner and control technology combined with a flue gas cleaning system this kind of plants are able to meet the highest environmental standards.

Stationary incinerators

Stationary incineration plants can be used and built in many different ways.


The heart of every plant is of course the combustion chamber, with its grate and combustion system philosophy.

For this, all parameters of the combustible material are taken into account, as well as the question of sustainability in dealing with the waste.

This of course also means that there is no uniform solution, but only adaptable technical solutions in general. Each plant is therefore designed to meet the specific requirements.

We have a wide range of solutions available for this purpose.

Oven of a combustion plant

Filter unit with ceramic candles for a stationary combustion plant

Filter unit with bag filters for a stationary combustion plant

Incineration of waste is a necessity to protect the environment.