Why do we need modern waste incineration plants?


The answer is quite simple.

"For the future it is not a matter of predicting it, but of making it possible. „

Quote of Antoine de Saint Exupéry, Citadelle, 1948

Firstly, the world is suffocating in garbage and secondly, rotting garbage produces 28 times worse greenhouse gases than CO2.

Methane is decomposed much more slowly and cannot simply be disposed of.

If we do not face these problems, they will catch up with us all by themselves.

Worse heat waves, drying up soils and extreme droughts.

In addition, we deprive species of their habitat and contribute to the increasingly rapid melting of permafrost.

This then releases huge amounts of methane again and accelerates the greenhouse effect.

We take care of our mobility at breathtaking speed, but we neglect our waste problem all the more. 


We have solutions and offers.


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ZANNI combustion grate for all types of waste

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ZANNI-Verbrennungsrost für alle Abfallarten
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ZANNI combustion grate fact sheets
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ZANNI Verbrennungsrost Fakten
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ZANNI combustion grate for sewage sludge incineration
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